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A Little bit about Writing…


This is just a bit of ramblings that I have observed on my writing experience. If there’s any writers out there, (as I know there are,) maybe these are some things you’ll understand? 

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it has been a spectacular joy to watch you move forward and grow as a person and as an artist, if i had anything to with it allow me to say that i am honored.

i look forward to all your works and cant wait to see all your dreams fleshed out, im sure that like you they will be wonderful additions to the world.


I am in dangerous financial trouble and I need to be out of it by October 11th when the bills are due. I owe $200 in missed student loan payments and $660 in credit card bills. I don’t make enough at my current job to be able to pay all of this back by then AND pay rent/utilities (another $500). I’m looking for a second and potentially third job at the moment. 

The pictures above show basic colored (top) and painted (bottom) works and have base pricing attached in USD. Prices and content are negotiable, so don’t hesitate to ask about adjustments or for content you don’t see. Send questions and orders to A more extensive view of my commission info can be found here.

If you aren’t interested in my art but would still like to help, donations are greatly appreciated too. My PayPal address is

Even you can’t help me out, please signal boost this, I need as much help as I can possibly get right now.

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